About Moi

Oh Haaay. I’m Jaclyn. If you know me previously, it’s probably from ABC’s Bachelor Pad where I looked for pickles and dry humped on stage to Sister Christian. Ben dumped me far too early on The Bachelor, but I get it, because I was clearly just there to talk shit. Now, I will continue to talk shit here with some fashion and hair obsessed posts sprinkled in.

I don’t work out. So if you are looking for fitness tips, ABORT, you are in the wrong place. I don’t sugarcoat, and I have serious diarrhea of the mouth. I know everyone thinks there needs to be a “sarcastic font” – but this would be of no use to me. I am always sarcastic. If you don’t get me, that’s ok! We probably wouldn’t be friends, but maybe the more you read, the more chance you will have.

Read and love or read and hate. Have a lov-e-ly day!

22 comments on “About Moi

  • So happy I stumbled across your site! You are hilarious and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your Bachelor blogs. Looking forward to more. All the best to you!

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